When you have foodie friends and family, finding the perfect gift for them is easy. In fact, you may be surprised to discover that this part of your holiday shopping expedition can be most fun. This will give you the chance to go for taste tests, try new kitchen gadgets, and get a glimpse and taste of other gastronomic options that can indeed be pleasurable. When finding gifts for foodies, hit gourmet stores, innovative kitchenware shops, and online retailers that offer just the right products.


Here are some ways to help you find the perfect holiday gifts for foodies that’s perfectly gourmet!

  • From foodie to foodie. If you are a foodie yourself, buying may not be your idea of a great gift for a fellow foodie. Instead, you may want to use your hands in transforming some simple ingredients from your kitchen or garden to whip up mouth-watering concoctions and mini herbal gardens. If you are a great baker, brownies, cupcakes, cookies, brownies or glazed/candied nuts and popcorn mixes are easy to do. For the weightwatchers, whole-grained muffins, granola cereals, or bars make great gifts especially when wrapped with a personal touch.
  • Go learn more in cooking classes. Experiential gifts are the current craze. Foodies would derive so much fun while learning a lot from sushi-making, wine tours, baking and other culinary short courses. Find out from nearby culinary schools, vineyards and other private groups. Check out culinary websites for more information.
  • Recipe books and subscriptions. The alternatives to hands-on learning are gifts consisting of great recipes. Look for recipe books on sale, your own or a subscription of their food magazine. This can help them innovate and at the same time build their own library of recipe books and magazines.
  • Kitchen basics. If you are gifting a college student or a yuppie living on his own in a small studio, help them setup a small kitchen with handy small appliances so they can do their own cooking. For example, you can find a cheap but good toaster oven online that your foodie friend can use to bake succulent treats. They must be missing the taste of home; this is a good way to remind them that eating need not always be fast foods and take outs. It is also a nice warm feeling to give them  homemade treats that remind them of mom’s cooking – cookies, brownies and squares.

If you have foodies to gift, you need not worry much because it is easy to make their face light up. Try giving these people spices, or classic jams and jellies. If you like gardening, grow some herbs and put a few kinds in a beautiful dish or pot. If you have many herbs in your garden, harvest and dry them. Put them in beautiful mini jars and add cute-looking labels. The list of holiday gifts for foodies is long – pickles, preserves, relishes and chutneys, sweets and candies, biscuits and cookies, liqueurs and cordials, herb blends and crackers –  whatever you think you would love to have, most likely it is something any foodie would love to get at any time.

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