The Suunto Zoop Novo is a very popular choice of dive computer for beginners. It is great and suitable for many recreational divers as well as having great features. The device element allows the user to grow or a good tool to introduce the user with a Suunto line.  Its rugged design may put into use for years. It is an interesting device which outranks its competitors with the same price.

The brand Suunto is most recognizable and a global leader for innovative dive computers and till now it continues its tradition. With Suunto Zoop Novo you will be able to familiar in the line as well as making your future upgrade easy and intuitive.

Here are the device features:

Compare to the other original Zoop model, the Zoop Novo has perfectly had 140 hours of logbook memory and has the ability to add logbook bookmarks. The memory allows you to enjoy the activities and maximizing your dive plans. The device has essential features as well as easy to operate, having relevant data which can be easily accessible and customize alarm.

It was designed and built to last for years. The big display watch makes it too big, but the rugged

design and well space button are ideal for new divers.

It has personalized settings where you can adjust the altitude settings, and for overall fitness that will make your diving safe as you may want it to be.


It has a button interface which will save you time over a single button dive computers. Although it has a big display, we do like the alarms and customizable options, also the display shows all the necessary information. It has a bookmarking feature allowing you to save current time, the depth and temperature in your dive log. The feature is quite helpful for those who may want to perform more analysis of their diving performance.


Some has complained about the device because it has no fly icon display, especially in standby mode. It would be nice if there is an icon reminder even if the device is not activated yet.

Who it is designed for?

Well, the product is perfectly made for new divers who want their diving experience more comfortable while they have the glimpse of data at their wrist even though not knowing the complicated interface. Also, a novice should not spend lots of money or effort learning the user manual which they don’t require.

But a simple reminder, the device is not for those that are more advanced and technical divers who want a gas switching capacity or air integration. We can recommend other more advanced Suunto devices which are suitable for most advanced or intermediate divers. This device is simply designed to keep your diving easy, safe and simple for beginners to maximize their experience while less focus on their gear.

So, do you have the experience to share with us using the device? Contact or email us. We are happy to hear your stories and happy to add them in our lists.

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