14If you suspect that you are in the early weeks of pregnancy then you are probably excited and anxious right now to know whether your instinct is right or wrong. The only way to confirm a pregnancy is through the use of a pregnancy test kit. It is totally understandable for someone like you to feel the way you are feeling right now and for sure you are very anxious about these things. Thank goodness for early pregnancy tests, you will get to learn early if you are bearing a baby so you will know what type of food must you avoid and eat. And after you take this test, hopefully, you will have your answer. But the question is, can these results be trusted.


The question in many women’s minds is when is it really ideal to take a pregnancy test in order to assure if one is pregnant and are these test accurate? There is no definitive answer to this question because of the fact that every woman is different. Home pregnancy tests look for the presence of the hormone hCG in the woman’s urine. This hormone comes from the placenta. The presence of hCG is not detectable immediately. This means that if you took the test before hCG has time to build up in your system, you will get a negative test result. If you use a test that is not very sensitive, you may get a negative result when testing early. But, you are still not out of the race, just test again when you miss your period after a week or so.


Due to inconsistencies with charting and not knowing exactly when you ovulated, women need to retest. Pregnancy tests are easy to use and they don’t take much of a woman’s time aside from using the restroom for a tad bit longer. Early detection pregnancy test results should not be taken as the last word when it comes to pregnancy and should not be taken as conclusive with finality. So if you have tested negative on your first pregnancy test, don’t be sad. Just do another test in a couple of days and who knows, the result may be different the second time around. As always, you will need to consult with your doctor and get a blood test to confirm your results.


The way an early detection pregnancy tests works by testing the hormone levels in the urine. The levels of certain hormones will increase in a woman who is with the child. These hormone levels can be tested most commonly after seven days of conception.


There are some cases where stress can cause a cycle to be skipped so if you wait for the full seven days, you will know exactly if stress is the cause or not. You will have a better chance of getting a correct result if you recheck after a week or so. Having a false test return will not help your stress levels nor will it be healthy for the unborn child if you are pregnant actually pregnant so it is better to be sure.


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