Every person who started looking for a safe and secure bag for a laptop already know that there are laptop backpacks that are available in the market. People who have already purchased and used such attest that such is very convenient. That is because their hands are free, thus, there are no distractions and they can still function normally. Similarly, the ability of backpacks to carry other items gave them the freedom to carry only one bag even if they have their extra laptop batteries, chargers, keyboards, and other accessories with them. With such in mind, people who carry their laptop around all the time who want to gain more comfort can consider buying one. In fact, laptop backpacks are highly recommended for students and frequent travelers.


A laptop backpack that is starting to make a name in the industry is the Kaukko Vintage Drawstring Backpack. According to professionals who say that they review Kaukko backpacks in detail states that the reason for such is because of its sturdiness. The Kaukko backpack is made with quality canvas materials. As an overview, a canvas is a woven fabric that is durable enough that it is even used on sails, tents, marquees, and other types of multi-functional backpacks. Additionally, the other areas of the bag is made with authentic leather, which is also a material known for its durability and stability. However, people should still remember that even if the item is made with quality materials, they should remember that it’s lifespan also depends on the proper care and maintenance of its user.

When it comes to functionality, Kaukko laptop backpack also passes the checklist. First, the main compartment of the bag is intended for laptops up with up to 14 inches of size. Nevertheless, such is spacious enough for items that do not pose danger to the laptop like it’s accessories. Second, the backpack has a front, zippered compartment or pocket wherein people can place their tablet, notebook, pencil, and any other unrelated items. Third, the product has two side pockets that are also equipped with zippers. Thus, people can place their water bottles, keys, cards, USBs, and other items in them.


Apart from functionality, the backpack will surely secure the laptop since the main compartment can be closed using a drawstring. Thus, such is properly enclosed. Similarly, a front flap is also included that covers the opening of the main compartment. The front flap also comes with adjustable straps and buckles. With two covering enclosing the laptop inside the bag, the device will surely be safe from a thief. Another great thing is that the product also passes the qualification for comfort. Such is due to the fact that the two shoulder straps are padded well to ensure that the user will not feel any pain. Similarly, the area resting on the back of the user is also soft enough to prevent back pain. Further, the straps are even adjustable so that people of different body frames and heights can wear it with comfort.