Exams must always be taken earnestly. This is because of the fact that these tests make up a large percentage of a student’s grade. It is true that grades are just numbers but these numbers indicate how much a student learned, how one performed and the amount of effort exerted. Thus, study techniques for exams are quite important to adopt to increase the likelihood of passing the tests and getting good grades.

The most common study habit that students have when exams are coming up is cramming; it entails studying either the day before the exam or hours before it. This is a very unhealthy habit for students, thus it must be stopped. Aside from the fact that it is a very unhealthy exercise for the brain, it is also not that effective. Cramming cannot help a student pass exams because it only helps in developing poor memory retention. When students cram, they often lose the information they have stored due to short-term memory loss. There is just too much information for you to memorize or information overload.

If students want to finish school and finish the exam with straight A’s, perhaps they need to use study techniques for exams. These will help them get better grades now.

  • The first technique is for students to avoid cramming and start studying days prior the exam day. When students study earlier, the information they receive is stored in their long-term memory making it hard to forget. Students can start by glancing over their notes and asking questions from their teacher. As soon as days before the exam, students need to clarify all the information they need so that, then again, they are not going to experience cramming.
  • Rewrite your notes. When people write, they think about the writing they put in their notes. Therefore, if students rewrite their notes, unconsciously they are already storing in the information they need for the exam. Also, when rewriting notes, students tend to reread the notes they made and because of that, they can read the bits of information they skipped and missed.
  • Carefully schedule your time because this is going to be very important not only now, but in the future as well. When creating a schedule for students, it is important to not only allocate time for studying but time for resting as well. The brain has limits; hence, students must not abuse it. If they are already too tired, they need to stop studying and start resting. Breaks are important so that the brain can be refreshed. When the brain is refreshed, it is going to be a lot easier to memorize and analyze.

Moreover, students need to make sure that they are studying in a place where there is enough lighting so that their eyes are not going to strain. They need to make sure that they are studying in a place that doesn’t have any distractions. Consequently, it is much advisable for students to clean the area before they start studying as clutter can easily distract them.

  • And lastly, on the day of the exam, they need to review their notes to make sure that the information is still fresh on their minds.

These are amongst the most important tips or study techniques for exams for all. If students follow these techniques, then surely they are going to ace their test or at least perform better.