3Kitchen devices are a great help when it comes to preparing food. They make cooking tasks a whole lot easier and faster. For working moms, these kitchen tools are highly substantial. Without these kitchen appliances, you have to undergo the long preparation of food which can consume much of your time. Hence, if you do not have a slow cooker in your kitchen, better get one know to save yourself from kitchen troubles. Slow cookers need your tender loving care like any other appliances you have in your kitchen.

Once you have bought your own slow cooker to aid you in your cooking duties, it is only fitting that you take care of it. Proper maintenance and cleaning can help to make your slow cooker last longer. Furthermore, it will help you to avoid wasting the money you spent in buying the appliance because you fail to take care of it. Staining and burning your slow cooker is inevitable. However, cleaning it from these thick oily stains is a difficult task to conquer, particularly when the oily spot have hardened on the pot. Heavy scrubbing can damage the ceramic pot of your slow cooker. Hence, to prevent creating further damages to your device, here are some cleaning tips you can use.

  1. Make sure that slow cooker you are going to clean is unplugged. Also, take some time to check the cords for any damages.
  1. Begin with mild cleaning first before you wash the cooker. It is best to start from the exterior to wipe food stains using a damp cloth.
  1. Take out the removable parts like the lid, handle as well as the knobs. Once you are able to detach these parts clean it with water and soap. If you see stains inside the pot, you can fill it first with water and soap and leave it for at least an hour to soften the stains.
  1. Scrub the spots. If scrubbing with soap and water won’t work to remove the stains, use a baking soda to clean it up. Mix the baking soda with water and scrub it on the stains.
  1. Clean the bottom of the appliance with a toothpick or a toothbrush if you see some crumbs stuck in open areas.
  1. For the stoneware of your slow cooker, placing it in the dishwasher is enough to clean the part.
  1. Now, if you have done a great number of staining your slow cooker take the next step of removing these stubborn stains. Use ammonia to clean the interior casing. In a small bowl put ammonia and place it one the cooker then cover it with lid. Leave this for a night. After this, start to wipe the stains on the pot. Cleaning your slow cooker will only become a tough job if you leave it unclean after using. Thus, do not forget to clean this device so you do not have to experience these problems. Do you need a help to know more about the top slow cookers in 2017? Visit Slow Cooker Site now!