While there are men who act hot and cold just to make women look at them, there are men who were born unsociable when it comes to interacting with women they like.

If you are one of many men who are struggling to start a conversion with an attractive woman because of your fear of rejection, here are some strategies that can help you become sociable that you can apply at work or with your love-life.

#1: Be ready for a change

If you want to become sociable in the most positive way, you have to become mentally and emotionally ready; if not, nothing will change.

Set some goals; if you are planning to attend some parties, think about how you will approach an attractive woman who is busy partying? Or what are the things you are going to say? How will you act? Are you going to say or do some stupid things? If you want to be sociable you have to be ready for it both mind and body.

#2: Start to get out more

If you want to improve your social skills, you have to at least start somewhere. Start to get out more; go out with your friends – the more you go out, the more chances you’ll meet honest women who can be very interesting. Plus, the more you get to know new people, the more you improve your social life.

#3:   Act sociable

If men can’t understand women and they need to crack the code just to get through to them, women, on the other hand, are also having a hard time understanding men who won’t act friendly to them, which makes them uninterested.

If you want to get a girlfriend this year, you have to act sociable and not cold. If you like one particular girl, start to talk to her; if necessary, you may start with a small conversation that you think will interest her. Offer compliments such as how well she is doing at work, or how pretty her smile is, or how confident she looks like; however, don’t make it sound like you are arrogant. Give her that soft smile when she talks to you. Show her that you are sociable and when she notices that you are, chances are, she’ll agree to go out with you – if you’ll ask her.

#4: Engaged in a reliable social skills training

If needed, try to get engaged in social skills training; this way, you’ll be able to improve your social skills without pushing yourself too hard, making all your honest gestures look awkward and cheap. However, if you can’t attend the actual social skills training, you may read helpful books that focus on the improvement of social skills – such as The Social Man – get to read a review on The Social Man and find out what do they offer.

#5: Be confident

Everything starts with confidence.

If you want to get to know about the girl and go out with her but you are having a hard time doing so, it is probably because of your lack of confidence and not your lack of experience.

Be confident on who you are and how you are capable of.

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