The Force1 U49C Red Heron is one of the popular drones today, especially for beginners. It boasts a 720p HD camera with the impressive 15-minute flight time. But how good is the Force1 U49C Red Heron? To get into details, it is time to get a quick review on Force1 U49C Red Heron.

Product Specification:

  • Product dimension: 13.5 inches x 13.5 inches
  • Signal distance: 650 feet
  • Camera: 720p HD camera
  • Flight time: 30 minutes of flight time
  • Drone weight: 0.48 ounces

What is included?

  • U49C Red Heron Drone
  • A 120-degree wide-angle 720p HD camera
  • The remote controller of 2.4GHz
  • Two LI-PO battery 7.4V 1000mAh
  • An extra clockwise motor
  • An extra counterclockwise motor
  • One USB charger cable
  • One Micro USB cable
  • One 4GB SD card
  • One USB SD card reader
  • One user manual
  • Four extra propellers
  • Drone tools

Product description:

The Force1 U49C Red Heron is an updated and upgraded version of UDI U818A and upgraded version of FPV Blue Heron – two popular drones in the market up today. The Red Heron features 720 HD camera, a remarkable flight time of 15 minutes, can hold high altitude, and designed with headless, one key take-off, and landing mode. This awesome Red Heron drone review will help you get into details about the drone.

Product features:

1# Impressive camera

An impressive drone, even if it is made especially for beginners. The Force1 U49C Red Heron is constructed with a 120-degree wide-angle 720p drone camera, which can easily capture great videos and pictures. Plus, having a 4GB SD, you can easily download the videos and pictures directly to the SD card.

Moreover, Force1 U49C Red Heron is designed with altitude hold that helps the users to steady the flight while capturing HD imagery. Plus, the drone is built with a rubber-damping camera that helps reduce vibration; which is ideal for aerial photography.

#2 Remarkable advanced features

Force1 U49C Red Heron is featuring some advanced features that can be in head-to-head with other popular and advance drones. This includes the 360 degrees flip and altitude hold, as mentioned earlier; which helps capture HD imagery like those of professional drones.

#3 More flight time

Another feature that makes Force1 U49C Red Heron cool is its flight time; on top of the 30 minute flight time, the drone is constructed with extra battery time that helps the camera keep rolling during important moments.

#4 Easy to use

The Force1 U49C Red Heron is packed up with easy to use a remote controller that is designed with 1-key takeoff and landing, Altitude Hold, 3-speed modes, headless mode, and more.

Final Thoughts

Should you get Force1 U49C Red Heron? For a reasonably priced and simple designed drone, the Red Heron quite impressive. It is easy to use, gives you more flight time, impressive HD imagery for both captured videos and pictures, and designed with advanced features similar to those professional drones. So, should you get the drone? If you are a beginner, the Red Heron is an excellent choice.

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