Music is one of the most therapeutic things that have their own way of relieving and entertaining people. Regardless of the kind and genre of music that you love listening to, you must have a good speaker that will give you high quality and crystal clear sound, for you to enjoy the music. With time, technology is continuing to advance and boomboxes have not been left behind. Manufacturers have gone a notch higher, and these speakers use modern technology instead of cables. It is very reliable because you can play music anywhere. This is enabled by the fact that it uses Bluetooth connectivity to connect to other devices. The following are bluetooth boomboxes that are worth the money.

When you away from home, you have to be entertained so that you can enjoy your stay there. Perhaps you have gone for camping, adventure, beach party and so on. A portable Bluetooth speaker can be ideal for you because it will save you for the day. There are many but not all are reliable. Some of the most outstanding ones in the market include the following:-

JBL Boombox

JBL is a renowned American company that has survived the test of time and defied age. It has been running since 1927, and it is infamous for manufacturing professional and home use audio equipment. Their products are indisputably the leading ones in the market.


  • It incorporate Bluetooth version 4.2
  • Its dimensions are 195.5 by 254.5 by 495 mm
  • It weighs 6.25 pounds
  • Has 20,000 mAh Li-Ion battery
  • It has two USB ports

It can last for 24 hours, it is portable, waterproof, and it can be used both indoors and outdoors. It connects to a wide range of Bluetooth devices.

Revolve+ Bose SoundLink Boombox

Revolve+ is an outstanding high performance Bluetooth speakers that give you loud and deep sound in both high and mid coverage. It is quite reliable because of how the manufacturer has optimized it. You can listen to music from any angle because it has been designed with an all-round coverage technology. It features a flexible handle, and it has an Aluminium body which is waterproof.


  • It has a 360 degrees coverage
  • 16 hours playtime
  • It is light in weight and portable
  • It is compatible with Android and Apple devices
  • It is quite reliable and of a high quality

MEGABLAST Ultimate Ears

Ultimate Ears is also an amazing speaker because its quality is indisputably the best. It has been designed to suit all your needs and to fully allow you to enjoy. With time, these speakers have gained fame and popularity, hence scaling the heights of music and entertainment. It features a good design that has been optimized to lengthen its life.


  • It is absolutely dust and waterproof
  • Has voice control
  • It is ideal for outdoor use
  • Its sound system is nice

With all these good and mazing features, you will always be sure to have a nice entertainment session, when you go for any of these topnotch speakers.

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