Motor vehicles have become passion of younger generation. With the advent of new and improved technology, everyone is willing to buy a car or truck. Increased in fuel prices and passion of going faster have led to new vehicles which are more efficient and effective.

Modern technology has led to low profile cars and trucks that have very less ground clearance to avoid air resistance and make drive more smooth and swift. This technology has made the old jacks obsolete. Hence when you get a flat tire while driving on a highway, your old school jacks will not work to lift up the car since they have high axels that cannot penetrate beneath the vehicle. This problem led to the invention of new and improved low profile jacks that can easily slide beneath your vehicle and lift it up from the points that are recommended by car manufacturers. Let us discuss one of these low profile jacks

Features of Power built 620479E:

This high end jack is used mainly by professionals and car technicians in their shops because it’s beefy steel construction and very low weight yet steady built. It has just sixty seven pounds of weight that can be dragged easily using factory made connected tires that comes with it.

  • These tires make it more than portable. It provides load carrying capacity of up to 3 tons without breaking any sweat. It has ground clearance of almost 3 inches only and can slide under low profile cars very easily.
  • It can lift cars and other vehicles up to 15 inches from ground level to help you with very effective and fast replacement of tire.
  • It has steal construction that is the best material that is being used in all high end weight lifters abuse of its toughness and reliability.
  • It comes with very less weight yet very steady body to lift up even very large weight vehicles that are so delicate to avoid the old jacks.
  • Overbuilt Extra provides you with the peace of mind while you are out there on a long trip on a highway. You need not to worry about that flat tire any more. This jack offers almost 2 tons of load carrying capacity that is enough to lift your vehicle.


This jack comes with all qualities and features of a modern low profile jack, yet it is very cheap so that anyone can buy it and use it without any compliant. These days the competition among auto parts manufacturers has yield to low prices and to compete in the market the best way is to give customers with the best value for their buck and this is what this jack does. It provides all the modern features yet at minimum possible price so that it becomes very difficult for you to resist such product.

Whenever you are looking for premium built at price that is affordable for any auto lover, that jack can be your best bet. Hence you cannot go wrong with your decision of buying this jack.

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