You might hate holsters, but you will definitely like what they do. I can equate buying one same to buying a high-end audio system. What do you means I buy cables worth 100 to make my music sound as good as they played in the back room? You need to if you want it as good as it should be. You bought your gun at $600 and you still need to buy a $30 to $60 holster. Here are some reasons why you need to spend on a gun holster.


Keeps the trigger guard covered

This is actually the predominant reason as to why you need to holster up. When you give someone new to guns a gun, their index finger will automatically go to the trigger. I don’t know how best I can explain this but I see the trigger as a magnet, it just attracts the finger. You will be surprised by just how this magnet will attract your finger to pull the trigger just when you were intending to put your hands in your pants. This way you will know the importance of always covering the trigger. It is embarrassing and painful when you shoot yourself with your own gun, and it can be life threatening.

Keeps your gun stable

I have no ideas how gang men can manage to walk with naked gun tucked in their pants, which are mostly sagged and no belts. Some sprint with the guns hanging around their waist without a holster. Curiosity killed the cat and sure, I almost died when I tried this at home running with my gun in my sagged pair of jeans and during my third spring, my .45 was sliding down. A holster keeps the gun stable, you can sprint, and jump all you want and will still be there, still, waiting for your next course of action.

Prevents regular loading and unloading

The lesser you load and unload your gun, the safer you are. Leaving your gun loaded every time can cause serious damage so you will need to load and unload every other time. this is not0 the case when you decide to use a gun holster. The holster keeps your gun safe so you would not need to load and unload all the time.

Helps in concealing your gun

The shape of a holster hides the lines of the gun that would have shown under your clothes, its anot quite a good sight. A holster can make the gun look like a phone or something better. so instead og going around exposing your shiny 1911, you can only expose the holster clip or part of the holster, which in some way is stylish, ask the cowboys.


Carrying a gun comes with a significant discomfort but when you incorporate the use of a holster then you will find that carrying a gun is not uncomfortable. An alien gear shape shift 4.0for instance, take a look at its review, has been made in a way that it spreads the weight of your gun over a bigger area so it can be too heavy at one part.

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