There are many DJs today but you can still stand out from the crowd by having your own unique styles. By saying a unique style I don’t mean having unique tunes or a unique sound, it means having a unique mixing style, incorporation of effects and the choice of the materials you use.


As a digital DJ there are many tools, music and technique that can help you develop a unique style that distinguishes you from the rest. Some of the best amps for turntables have been built to enhance the music output so all your need is to put a lot of effort to do a great job.  Let us look at some simple actions you can take to create and develop your unique style.

Improve your skills

Before you start to develop a unique style, you should first the art of matching the beats and cueing. Make it a nature for you, master some songs with their BPM. This actually is the hardest part that makes many wannabe DJs to quit but it is on the other hand the most beneficial. After developing this skill, now you can start on the creativity part like mash-ups, using effects and using more decks at ago.

Listen “live” mixes of the DJs that you look up to

Many mixes are that have been done by popular DJs can be downloaded from the internet. Therefore, finding a DJ that inspires your style should not be difficult. However, ensure that you listen to mixes that were recorded in a live event and not in one’s bedroom or studio. Some DJs are kind enough to post the list of the tracks, you can use this to practice mixing your own style.

Listen to enjoyable mixes

A good recording of a mix will catch your attention even if you were not concentrating at all. I like rating mixes when I’m running other errands around the house. I rate a mix by the impact it has on me, if I get bored at the fourth or fifth track and I am no longer dancing or raising my hands, I delete it and go to the next mix. As you listen to the mixes, pay attention to the beat speed and correlation, they should be in harmony while transitioning

Get to feel the energy of the mix, which will help you tell what the energy of the club was. Does the energy rise or die after some few songs? If it dies, delete that and look for something more inspiring.

Experiment with the effects more often

Being a digital DJ, the correct and creative incorporation of effects will speak volume about your style and your sound. Experiment with flangers, beatmashers and delays. Develop a technique that you have never heard or seen before and do it repeatedly. Effects are better used after four to five tracks and when transitioning.

As much as the tips seem to be sound so easy, it needs a lot of effort, practice and dedication to create and develop a unique mixing style so that you can stand out from the large crowd of DJs mushrooming all over day in day out. All the best!

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