Choose The Best Side Sleeper Memory Foam Pillow

If you want to have a comfortable night’s sleep, then you will probably want to get the right pillow for you. Everyone likes to sleep in different positions, so which pillow to get will be different for each person. Here I will go over some of the most popular pillows to help you get comfortable at night.

  • Down-Filled Pillow

These are filled with down or goose feathers. Like the gel-filled pillows, these will come 100% down filled or filled with something as well. When my mother received whip-lash, her chiropractor told her to get a down filled pillow that had a gel or cotton core.

  • Body Pillow

These come in so many different shapes and sizes. These were particularly comfortable if you are used to someone sleeping next to you. You can get just a normal straight one, or they sell them in the shape of females and males.

  • Memory-Foam Pillows

A memory foam side sleeper pillow is made with foam, which contours to the shape of your neck for support no matter how you sleep.

  • Cooling Pillow

These pillows are made from foam or gel normally and have a place to put a cold pack to keep you cool during the night.

Choose a pillow that allows air to flow through its memory foam.

The foam material moulds to the natural contours of the neck and spine but feels firm enough to support the back when forced to remain in the same position for a long period. However, it also tends to retain heat and absorb sweat from the skin. So, a pillow with an open cell structure cools down the skin around the neck and back while the world-weary sleeps comfortably.

Choose a pillow with anti-stress nodules on it.

Some pillows have a set of circular mounds that hit the right points on the sleeper’s neck and back. These nodules are said to stimulate blood circulation, which eases muscle aches and pain. This also relieves the pressure on the back while the sits or lies inclined on the seat. Even when it’s not used while sleeping, this pillow helps the body relax after a stressful work day.

Choose the cover and the contents of the pillow carefully.

Some pillows have a removable cover that you can change into something made from pure cotton to avoid an allergic reaction. Vinyl covers are also available to prevent dust mites from settling. Also, select a pillow with hypoallergenic temper foam to help rhinitis sufferers sleep better.

Temperature-sensitive foam is also called “slow spring back foam” that’s designed to soften when exposed to body heat and mould to the shape of the body. Foam with lower density responds more to pressure placed against it and returns to its original shape after the pressure has been removed. Recently, third-generation types of memory foam contain gel or bamboo fibres that further reduce the amount of heat that the material retains. These fibres make the pillow respond to pressure and body heat faster and also make it feel softer to the touch.

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