It is advisable for busy people to look for an activity wherein they can have fun. There are many activities online which people can do to relieve stress. But most of the time, what others prefer to do to relieve their stress is to learn how to craft through sewing. This activity is not only good for those people who are looking for an activity to relieve stress; this activity is actually very helpful if people wanted to just create something.


For those who are already familiar with different sewing machine brands, one of the top brands that would appear on the search engine is the brand Brother. This brand is very reliable when it comes to producing machines that are made to last for such a long period of time. But once people get to know how to use a sewing machine, one step they will find difficult is knowing how to thread the sewing machine.

To keep everything easy and simple, this article will serve as a guide for those people who are new to sewing and creating crafts. After they get to read this article, they will surely tell their selves that threading a sewing machine isn’t hard after all.

Steps on How to Thread a Sewing Machine

Before people proceed with knowing how to thread a sewing machine, they first need to explore and familiarize the parts of the sewing machine to make the journey a little easier.

  1. Position the Needle

If in one look people can’t find the needle of the sewing machine, what they need to do is to rotate the wheel until the needle of the sewing machine appears above the surface of the cloth.

  1. Prepare the Bobbin

The next step is to load up the bobbin; but before proceeding, a bobbin basically looks like a spool of thread except that there is no thread. What people need to do is to choose the thread they will use and replace the bobbin which is usually located in the small compartment on top of the machine.

  1. Insert the Thread to the Tension Loop

After you have located the needle and changed the bobbin, the next step is to locate the tension loop. It is a metal loop where the thread is inserted. This is to make sure that the stitches on the sewing machine are neat and organized.

  1. Pull the Thread Back to the Needle

The next step is to pull the thread that was inserted to the metal loop back to the needle. If you have noticed, the hole of the needle is located near to its tip. You need to insert the thread into that small hole and make sure this an allowance of thread for about an inch.

  1. Lower the Needle

Now you have successfully inserted the thread into the hole of the needle and have allocated an inch of thread, the next step is to lower the needle. To do this, what you must do is to rotate the wheel of the sewing machine. You will hear a click and once it happens, you are now ready to sew.

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