You will find many advantages when you use network cameras for video surveillance; power and flexibility is among the major advantages. Such software has the ability to fit your personal needs giving you the most powerful surveillance for your needs as far as security is concerned. One of the best software is the motion detection.


Automatic Alerts

No matter how alert you try to be when monitoring the security of your business looking at your video surveillance system, the fact is that you will not be alert monitoring your security surveillance 24/7. You computer however does not need to sleep, relax or to be entertained, it is working every minute of the day. By using software like blue iris software that has motion detection you can be sure to always be aware of any suspicious activities since your camera will detect anything suspicious. The software can be programmed to send alarms and signals upon any detection. The software will signals either through text, email, https or any other mode to the key people that are responsible for the security of the premise. With such information you can take immediate action to prevent any burglary from happening.

Significant video recording

Having sufficient a record of the video surveillance feeds is crucial should something happen to your business premises. Recordings can be useful when trying to do investigations for trials or when trying to settle a dispute that might occur at work between employees or between the staff and the customers. After hours however, nothing may be happening at your business premise, so if your camera will keep recording everything then you will end up having a lot to check through looking for important scenarios and this can get too hectic.

With motion detection network software then this issue can be dealt with. The camera has a feature that allows you to set it to record the video only when needed; when motion is detected. If you are using multiple cameras to watch over the security of your business place, you can set the software to activate the recording of all cameras in the building should one camera detect an unusual motion.  This way you will save your storage space and you will use very little time to find a video that will be of help to the case at hand.

Most of these network camera systems provide both pre and post-detection recordings. They will record the events that occurred prior to them detecting the motion and in addition to that they will record all the activities that will occur after they have detected the suspicious motion. This way, you will be sure that you don’t miss any information that will be of help.

Flexible Sensitivity

The network camera can be further enhanced by checking how sensitive the motion detection sensitivity is. When it is too sensitive, it will detect even the movement of the wind and when it is not sensitive enough then a sneaky intruder can be able to do about their business without setting it on. Motion detection software in this software can be configured to have the exact sensitivity that you need for your business place, making your security system more powerful.

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