Quick Review on Force1 U49C Red Heron

The Force1 U49C Red Heron is one of the popular drones today, especially for beginners. It boasts a 720p HD camera with the impressive 15-minute flight time. But how good is the Force1 U49C Red Heron? To get into details, it is time to get a quick review on Force1 U49C Red Heron.

Product Specification:

  • Product dimension: 13.5 inches x 13.5 inches
  • Signal distance: 650 feet
  • Camera: 720p HD camera
  • Flight time: 30 minutes of flight time
  • Drone weight: 0.48 ounces

What is included?

  • U49C Red Heron Drone
  • A 120-degree wide-angle 720p HD camera
  • The remote controller of 2.4GHz
  • Two LI-PO battery 7.4V 1000mAh
  • An extra clockwise motor
  • An extra counterclockwise motor
  • One USB charger cable
  • One Micro USB cable
  • One 4GB SD card
  • One USB SD card reader
  • One user manual
  • Four extra propellers
  • Drone tools

Product description:

The Force1 U49C Red Heron is an updated and upgraded version of UDI U818A and upgraded version of FPV Blue Heron – two popular drones in the market up today. The Red Heron features 720 HD camera, a remarkable flight time of 15 minutes, can hold high altitude, and designed with headless, one key take-off, and landing mode. This awesome Red Heron drone review will help you get into details about the drone.

Product features:

1# Impressive camera

An impressive drone, even if it is made especially for beginners. The Force1 U49C Red Heron is constructed with a 120-degree wide-angle 720p drone camera, which can easily capture great videos and pictures. Plus, having a 4GB SD, you can easily download the videos and pictures directly to the SD card.

Moreover, Force1 U49C Red Heron is designed with altitude hold that helps the users to steady the flight while capturing HD imagery. Plus, the drone is built with a rubber-damping camera that helps reduce vibration; which is ideal for aerial photography.

#2 Remarkable advanced features

Force1 U49C Red Heron is featuring some advanced features that can be in head-to-head with other popular and advance drones. This includes the 360 degrees flip and altitude hold, as mentioned earlier; which helps capture HD imagery like those of professional drones.

#3 More flight time

Another feature that makes Force1 U49C Red Heron cool is its flight time; on top of the 30 minute flight time, the drone is constructed with extra battery time that helps the camera keep rolling during important moments.

#4 Easy to use

The Force1 U49C Red Heron is packed up with easy to use a remote controller that is designed with 1-key takeoff and landing, Altitude Hold, 3-speed modes, headless mode, and more.

Final Thoughts

Should you get Force1 U49C Red Heron? For a reasonably priced and simple designed drone, the Red Heron quite impressive. It is easy to use, gives you more flight time, impressive HD imagery for both captured videos and pictures, and designed with advanced features similar to those professional drones. So, should you get the drone? If you are a beginner, the Red Heron is an excellent choice.

Showing Your Charm: How to Become Sociable (Men)

While there are men who act hot and cold just to make women look at them, there are men who were born unsociable when it comes to interacting with women they like.

If you are one of many men who are struggling to start a conversion with an attractive woman because of your fear of rejection, here are some strategies that can help you become sociable that you can apply at work or with your love-life.

#1: Be ready for a change

If you want to become sociable in the most positive way, you have to become mentally and emotionally ready; if not, nothing will change.

Set some goals; if you are planning to attend some parties, think about how you will approach an attractive woman who is busy partying? Or what are the things you are going to say? How will you act? Are you going to say or do some stupid things? If you want to be sociable you have to be ready for it both mind and body.

#2: Start to get out more

If you want to improve your social skills, you have to at least start somewhere. Start to get out more; go out with your friends – the more you go out, the more chances you’ll meet honest women who can be very interesting. Plus, the more you get to know new people, the more you improve your social life.

#3:   Act sociable

If men can’t understand women and they need to crack the code just to get through to them, women, on the other hand, are also having a hard time understanding men who won’t act friendly to them, which makes them uninterested.

If you want to get a girlfriend this year, you have to act sociable and not cold. If you like one particular girl, start to talk to her; if necessary, you may start with a small conversation that you think will interest her. Offer compliments such as how well she is doing at work, or how pretty her smile is, or how confident she looks like; however, don’t make it sound like you are arrogant. Give her that soft smile when she talks to you. Show her that you are sociable and when she notices that you are, chances are, she’ll agree to go out with you – if you’ll ask her.

#4: Engaged in a reliable social skills training

If needed, try to get engaged in social skills training; this way, you’ll be able to improve your social skills without pushing yourself too hard, making all your honest gestures look awkward and cheap. However, if you can’t attend the actual social skills training, you may read helpful books that focus on the improvement of social skills – such as The Social Man – get to read a review on The Social Man and find out what do they offer.

#5: Be confident

Everything starts with confidence.

If you want to get to know about the girl and go out with her but you are having a hard time doing so, it is probably because of your lack of confidence and not your lack of experience.

Be confident on who you are and how you are capable of.

Fashion and Beauty

Fashion and beauty is a serious topic for almost every woman; it is a big deal for them. They continually search for the best. Fashion show brings joy to every gal’s heart. A show featuring trendy clothes and killer heels brings great entertainment. Beauty is one of their favourite topics as well. Women are obsessed with the latest news about it. Lots of social media influencer especially women will feature a story about their beauty regimen. Several blogs are available in the worldwide web.

Skin diseases are common problem of the women community. One of the greatest dilemmas of women is acne. One zit could ruin your day or plan. Acne is caused by clogged pores and factors such as bacteria people get from their surroundings, excess production of oil (sebum), it could also be hormonal, excessive dead skin cells or ingrown hair. There are types of acne: blackheads, whiteheads, papules, pustules, nodules, or cystic. It could be inflammatory which are usually red or swollen and non-inflammatory that does not cause swelling. It is best to understand each to know the right treatment. The best thing to do is visit a dermatologist; but there are also products that sometimes could remedy the breakout. There are lot beauty products in the market; but all skin are not equal so it really depends on what kind of treatment could work magic on your skin.

Treating acne could cumbersome and takes time. Sometimes for the worst cases you need to visit a dermatologist for consultation and it may take series of treatments and sessions to get rid of it totally. The healing process could really take a lot of time but the good news is, you could still look good even you have a breakout. Making that acne less subtle is possible.

You might want to check for the best advice. This site ranks the top foundation that best conceal acne. It tackles detailed information of each the product. The site is proud with its advocacy of bringing latest tends on beauty and fashion industry. The site believes that the best advice for women should also come from the empowered women in the society so all its writers are successful women today. It posts regular updates on the latest review in the fashion and beauty industry. The reader could find unbiased reviews about foundations.

Lastly it includes final verdict of the editor about the product. There is an option to subscribe to their regular newsletter about fresh findings. You could even find beauty deals on this site. It conveniently includes the price of the product so that consumer could compare the best one for their budget. If the consumer is ready to buy the site includes the link of the online store they could purchase the product. This is site is passionate about their reader’s personal reviews so there is a special of “contact us page” where you could reach out to the editor of the site. This could help and guide readers and eventually future consumers. The site has corresponding social media platforms where you could easily share the great news on your family and friends.

The Most Convenient Device for Cleaning a Pool

A swimming pool. A place where people take a bath, enjoy the water, swim and relax. It is a place usually visited by people during summer when the temperature is high and they want to cool down. You might own your own pool or you go to a place available to the public. Whatever it is, it is really a fun and relaxing place to be.

There are a lot of things that needs to be considered when owning a pool. First, you need to be able to fill it up with water. Afterwards you need to be able to clean and maintain the pool itself. Depending on the size of the pool, cleaning and maintaining it could require a lot of manpower and time. It could then become a daunting task which could cause exhaustion. If cleaning the pool is a daunting task for you then i have the perfect thing to make your life easier. Pooltronixs reviewed one of the best robotic pool cleaners that will make cleaning a pool easy and they gave it their stamp of approval! The device is called Dolphin Premier Robotic Pool Cleaner.

So why does this Pool cleaner make my life easier?

The Dolphin Premier Robotic Pool Cleaner makes your cleaning life easier by doing all the required cleaning of the pool for you. It sucks the different types of dirt that eventually builds in the pool and its walls. It sucks different types by having different sets of filtration devices and connectors making it flexible for all kinds of dirt that reside in the pool. This is called the Robotic Pool Cleaner’s Multi-media System.

The Dolphin Premier Robotic Pool Cleaner is thorough in cleaning your pool. A big problem with different robotic cleaners is the pool’s shape and it could cause the robot to not clean the pool properly. The Dolphin Premier is equipped with a Smartnav that is a strong microprocessor that calculates the best way to clean the pool.

The Dolphin Premier Robotic Pool Cleaner has more features that will help in cleaning your pool. It is equipped with an anti-tangle swivel that will make sure that its operation is smooth and no malfunctions will happen while cleaning. It is also equipped with a powerful motor that will make sure that optimum power and suction is given to the robotic pool cleaner. Lastly, the Dolphin Premier is fully autonomous. It doesn’t need supervision while doing its job. You just need to put it in, and then pull it out after a while to finish its cleaning.

If you want to learn more about the product and the review given by Pooltronixs, feel free to visit their site. They even break down more of the pros and benefits of the Dolphin Premier Robotic Pool Cleaner, why it benefits you and your pool. They also explain its cons and explain why it is worth for its price even with its cons. They also have a video review in their site that explains more of the capabilities of the Pool Cleaner. You can see for yourself how the device works and how it can make cleaning your pool easier.

Functionality of Electric Razors and Trimmers

When we consider hair cutting or trimming at home, the first thing that comes to our minds is a hair clipper. Hair clippers have eased our life with brilliant hair cutting options that we can do on the go. There have been a lot of categories and types of these trimmers that are available in the market ranging from old fashioned corded hair clippers to all-new cordless hair trimmers. Cordless devices are battery-operated that also comes with batteries of different power and storage capacities and you can choose the one you want. This article will help you understand how to use an electric razor

There is the latest fast charge option that is also available in the latest models of cordless trimmers that help you the device in 15 minutes to give you a cutting time of 12 minutes. This is extremely helpful when you have no time and you are getting late from your meeting or special gatherings.

The functionality of electric trimmer:

Every year a lot of hair trimmers are introduced by many electronics manufacturers at different shapes, sizes and price levels. In 2019 you can purchase these devices online tool that helps you in price comparison and cost reduction in your purchase.

Let us review one of the best cordless clippers currently available in 2019 that will help in providing you with the best trim that you want. We are talking about electric battery operated Hair clipper, these are not a new entrant in the market. They have an established position in the electronics industry. Companies like Panasonic produces professional hair clippers that are both corded and cordless types. Here we are talking specifically about GP80 K hair clipper that is cordless hair clipper that comes with following properties:

  • These trimmers provide long operational battery-powered usage when compared to a lot of other products that you can buy today.
  • Thanks to amazing design quality and features like a powerful motor and their high-quality X-Taper blades these clippers can cut at high pace without losing efficiency and effectiveness in their trimming ability.
  • Modern hair clippers come with a full kit that contains machine lubricant that you can use to give your machine a long life. It also comes with a styling comb that is effective in giving hairstyle while trimming.
  • These devices are operated using many comb sizes and shapes that come with it. These combs are easily attachable by a single click and provide different sizes in haircutting.
  • The electric trimmer has a long life and steady performance even at a low charge. This comes with a low charge Led light indicator that blinks on a low charge to help you be aware when charging is low so that you can plug in a hair clipper.
  • Cost-effectiveness is kept under consideration while designing this machine so that it can be bought easily. It is cheaper than most of the cordless trimmers that you can fang in the market in 2019.
  • Hence cordless trimmer is one of the best battery operated hair Lipper that you can purchase in 2019.

Unique Gift Ideas

Are you thinking of a typical gift for an upcoming birthday celebration? Are you one of the guests for an approaching wedding ceremony? Regardless of what celebration you’re about to attend, here are some of the most Unique Gift Ideas with personalized design.

If you’re planning to go on an anniversary with your loved ones, there are just a lot of things that will help you bring out the best ideas that will last for a lifetime. Here at Personalized by Kate, they take pride of the customized items for your desired celebration. You can choose from their all-time favorite mugs up to growlers. Apart from that, you can also avail some of the items that are most commonly useful at home. 

Many people do not have enough time to think for gift ideas. Some might also have a lot of work to do, making it inconvenient for them to go to the mall and shop for gifts. It’s really a hassle. However, that’s not a problem for you to worry. Personalized by Kate gives the opportunity for you to have a quick access to items that are perfect for wrapping up. If you wish to give your grandparents some memorable gifts, you can either give them a tote bag for groceries or beer mugs and chopping boards. Needless to say, the choice is just up to you. In the site, you can actually pick certain items and decide what to do next. Since everything here is personalized, of course you must provide your own design that will signify uniqueness, ownership and originality. Personalized items will help the recipient remember you or about the occasion through the item. You can also give your unending love and thoughtfulness to them through giving them something that comes from the heart. They will eventually feel loved and important so that’s a double joy for both of you. 

More than that, you can also find best gift ideas for couples who are getting married. A wine glass from Personalized by Kate will surely give them joy. If it comes from the heart, the gift will become more than just a wrapped item for them. Because nothing feels more joyful than being remembered and loved, you can easily express your emotions through giving personalized gifts. Aside from the fact that most people usually prefer to have things that will remind them to be original, it also gives them a hint of becoming unique. A personalized gift will always tell you how peculiar you are and no matter what happens, you’re the only you in this world. Regardless of your gender and race, you have your names written on a cute item and that’s too fulfilling. 

For more details, here’s a quick navigation of the items from the site of personalized by Kate. You can actually pick the items that you want and the designs will surely run after you give your preferred style or fonts. May it be a name printed on a mug or a message on a regular wine glass, you can achieve all of these through Personalized By Kate. 

Cozy Living: Puppy Coats

Have you ever imagined a time where everything is just as good as the taste of a freshly brewed coffee on a beautiful morning or a warm hug from a cuddling pet? That’s indeed the most comfortable time of your life. There are so many definitions regarding the cozy living that everyone wants to attain. Needless to say, it takes a lot of effort to gain comfort from the things that make you feel glad. Here at, they are happy to help you out as you improve your means of living with the company’s comfy products. All the good stuff is found here.

This has been made possible by the two digital nomads, Kate and Greg. You can see from the looks of their flash photo clips on the site that most items are helpful for everyone. It causes cozy living in a very simple approach. If you are not someone who’s a pro at online shopping, item selection or food picking, these two will help you out as you find out some of their brand reviews. It might have been in a form of comparison or an opinion from both nomads. You can actually do it yourself but it’s already understandable that there are still a lot of beginners everywhere so it helps a lot of clients in a way. 

This is also a good news for pet lovers. It is a sure thing that your pets love to walk around. Well, not just humans need fresh air because dogs might as well want that good feeling called “unwinding”. It’s really funny but it’s true. Every morning, most pet owners go out to go jogging or walk around to have a simple warm up exercise. Dogs enjoy days outside their mini houses too. Since it is also a must to give them what they exactly need, you can just let your pet go with you anytime, anywhere. Even if it’s raining, you can always make your dog feel cozy with our dog rain coats. This will help keep your dog dry and clean no matter how far your days will go. Your furry friends will surely enjoy every drop of the rain with you. You won’t get stressed as to how you will find a perfectly fit rain coat for your dog because here’s a quick instruction on measuring your dog’s body. This feels very convenient for both of you too because scrubbing isn’t necessarily at all. It’s already rainy season so your dog will surely adopt that stinky smell of wet dog smell. With this tightly shaped, however, comfortable jacket for that furry little critter, you will surely be glad you had the chance to get to know the products from Kate and Greg. 

If you still want to know more about the details of the item, you can also check and learn from the given information on the official site of cozy stream and get the opportunity to buy some of the most outstanding materials made by these two digital nomads to simply make life cozy and better. 

Why Suntegrity is one the Best Natural Moisturizing Face Sunscreens?

Applying makeup and other skin care products is something that every woman shares and understands. Beauty and outward appearance are important, especially for a working individual. You have to look your best to show your professionalism and dedication to the job. If you have been searching for a natural beauty product, you probably have stumbled on the name Suntegrity.

If not, now is your chance to get to know this wonderful natural skin care item. Suntegrity is one of the leading beauty products in the market today. Do you want to know why?

Find out additional details about this item here on this post.

A Multi-Function Sunscreen

As a woman, you already know the struggle of applying beauty care products. You have to use a moisturizer to keep your skin hydrated, apply a foundation for makeup and sunscreen to protect your face from the UV rays.

Using all these three products feels heavy and uncomfortable to the skin. Moreover, it makes your skin look unnatural since it leaves a white film on the face.

One of the advantages of using Suntegrity is that this product is a multifunctional item. It is a moisturizer, foundation, and sunscreen rolled into one bottle. There’s no need for you to buy three separate beauty products when there is one like Suntegrity.

Stay Hydrated, Nourished, and Beautiful

The Suntegrity has all the benefits of a sunscreen, moisturizer, and a foundation. It assures that your skin will remain moisturized or hydrated despite under the heat of the sun. It also keeps your face well-nourished and protected from the harmful effects of UV rays. And, Suntegrity helps you to stay fresh and gorgeous all day long.

Hence, this beauty product is perfect for all on-the-go and working women out there.

A Natural Beauty Product

From the name alone you’ll know that Suntegrity is 100% safe to use and perfect for all types of skin. This product contains premium and natural ingredients. It has zero toxins and harmful chemicals that might cause health issues in the future.

Regardless of your skin type, you can trust Suntegrity to bring out the best in you.

Protect Your Skin from Sun Damage

If you are frequently staying outdoors, it is important to keep your skin protected from sun damage and possibilities of skin cancer.
The Suntegrity 5 in 1 natural moisturizing sunscreen formula guarantees that your face and skin is not in the risk of sun damage. It has a strong SPF content that can protect your skin from UV rays all day long.

A Good Choice for Vegans

Indeed, strict vegans have limited choices when it comes to cosmetics since most of these items use animal by-products. The good news is Suntegrity is proudly vegan and has zero percent animal products on their formula. So, if you are vegan searching for a natural beauty product, consider choosing the Suntegrity natural moisturizing face sunscreen.

Final Thoughts

Suntegrity is undeniably one of the leaders in the skin care and cosmetic industry this year. But if you want to find out more details about this product, you can go to the
All Natural Face Moisturizer website.

Catching Bass Under Ice


Fishing is a normal activity in many places, however not everything about fishing is known in every place. I don’t know how much you know about fishing, but I know where everything you want to know about fishing is found. Catching walleye, trout, pike, and sturgeon under the ice is what most people identify with, but recently, I came to learn that catching bass during winter doesn’t have to happen by sheer luck or occasional accident. If you don’t like putting away the fishing gear during winter, this article is meant for you. In this article, I will show you how to catch bass under the ice.

How to catch bass under the ice

Certainly, the method employed in catching bass in summer differs with the methods used during winter. The major differences are how one presents the bait and the size of the bait. As you would expect, bass will not be aggressive under the ice during winter because of the low temperatures, less metabolism rate, and less energy. Let me now highlight some two quick tips before I discuss further details.

A fish finder is one of the best tools in catching bass. You will discover that this is a very good tool to help you target bass during the drilling of holes through the ice. Another way is by positioning yourself along weed lines and rock humps because largemouth often tends to like soft bottoms where week lines are and smallmouth like hanging around the steeper drop-offs.

The fishing gear needed

Since the bait is unlikely going to highly attract bass, the best practice is to dig as many holes as possible to increase e the odds of catching a bass. Also, you need protection from low temperatures, wind, and precipitation. I, therefore, recommend that you carry the Clam 1 Man Hut and a heater along with you. You would not like to stay for so long in the cold weather, a pick up a gas-powered Auger will help you dig holes in the ice pretty fast and save you energy. Finally, for the rod and reel, you can get yourself a good spinning reel setup.

The best bait for bass in ice

As alluded, the low metabolic rates during winter make the bass to go for smaller baits. Generally speaking, live bait is the best option but if they aren’t allowed where you stay, you can use small plastics since they work quite well. There are many companies that make ice fishing plastics, for instance, Maki Plastics and Rapala among others, finding your bait wouldn’t be a difficult thing. The Berkley Gulp minnow is another very good artificial bait which I can recommend to you.


Catching bass under the ice is more common than I had thought. In case you haven’t thought about it, this is something you can consider but if you have done it before, I am sure this article has given you more insights about it. We wish you well in your fishing expedition.

Sound Protection For Kids


Ear protection is a critical safety precaution for all but kids are often forgotten in such aspects. Children are also exposed to sports events and concerts which can be very noisy and therefore needs protection. Some kids accompany their parents to their workplaces where loud noises from sanders and saws among out hers are common, do you think they are safe? Let me first mention that children have sensitive and accurate ears and you would not like to tamper with the hearing capacity of your child.

It’s worth noting that hearing loss problems like wax buildup accumulate over time making early prevention vital. In addition to their safety, the protection also teaches them the importance of ear protection and prevents them from inserting foreign objects to the ear.

There is a lot more to learn about ear protection for kids including the varieties of brands for their protection, but in this article, I will just highlight, but for a comprehensive study, read more at

Select the best ear protector for your kid

The stores offer a lot of brands and types of ear protectors for children. Are you wondering if you will be able to select the best? I don’t know whether you’re planning to buy earplugs or earmuffs? Is there ear protect in the right size to fit your kid? You don’t have to worry at all, we at exist to help you. We know that you desire comfort for your kid and value for your dollars and therefore, we have listed some of the best ear protectors for kids to make it easier for you to select.

The best hearing protection for kids

1.Snug Kids Earmuffs. They’re the best for kids who are regularly exposed to airports, concerts. Household tools, and large crowds. They’re comfortable and doesn’t need insertion into the ear canal. Being lightweight and adjustable, kids can use them as they grow.

2. Peltor Sport Earmuffs. They can be used for general purpose and are adjustable such that they can be used by both kids and adults. They protect from dangerous noises yet can allow the kid to hear mild sounds.

3. Pro Ears ReVO Kids. They are designed for kids, youths and female adults. They feature comfortable ear seals and foam padded and can protect in a wide range of environments

4. Flents Quiet Please Ear Plugs. If you love earplugs for your kid, then this is your best option. They take the cylinder-style hence easier to insert to ear canals without pressing too much. They dampen loud noises and reduce decibel levels of the noises experienced every day.

5. Em’s 4 Kids Hearing Protection Earmuffs. They are lightweight, sturdy, durable, designed for toddlers and kids, and can be folded very compactly to be held on the palm of a hand. They’re also adjustable to fit different head sizes.


Kid protection is not only possible but also very critical. You can find your best option from the above-listed types, but to appreciate their comprehensive specifications and capacities, read more at

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