Fortnite is one of the most popular games these days and it is becoming more and more competitive. This is the explanation to the fact that there are player names who have stood out of the ordinary and those who dream to be on top would also like to play with one of these top players. If you are still a beginner but you would love to reach that point at which you can play one on one with some of the best Fortnite players in the world, we would like to recommend you a few names.

1. Ninja- one of the best Fortnite players any beginner would love to play with is Ninja. His win percentage is somewhere over 30 and he also has the highest number of kills in the game. He didn’t use to be as good as he is now and the good results that he lately registered are explained by the fact that he sharpened some of his best skills. He is now the most visible player in the game, which clearly shows that he does something really good.

2. NotVivid- He is considered the most efficient Fortnite player of the moment, great when it comes to taking out other players. What is impressive is the fact that he does this with a minimum of effort, which is really rare.

3. Ghost Staf- This is a controversial entry on the list but what you need to keep in mind is the fact that he’s a must for the versatility of the game. He’s great in duos and doesn’t have a big ego, which absolutely makes him a great team player. Also, he finds it easy to adapt around any game style and one thing is clear: he will get better and better as time passes.

4. HighDistortion- While this is an odd player to look at, I am sure that you will find the experience interesting. Even though he is not a team player, he carved out an entire niche for himself and there are plenty of players out there who adore his style.

If you really love this game and would love to become better at it and even write some history, we strongly recommend you to consider all your options. For example, you can use Xim4 with Fortnite, which is going to prove to be very helpful. By using Xim4, you will get a superior reaction speed. A lot of people who love Fortnite became much better at the game after turning their attention to the possibility of playing it with Xim4, so I really don’t see why you would be hesitant about it. If this is something that proved to be efficient for other players then it is going to be efficient for you too. You just need to be a bit more open minded and decide to give it a try. I know for sure that you are going to enjoy it to the fullest and that you will not regret the choice of turning your attention to Xim4.

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