Fishing is a normal activity in many places, however not everything about fishing is known in every place. I don’t know how much you know about fishing, but I know where everything you want to know about fishing is found. Catching walleye, trout, pike, and sturgeon under the ice is what most people identify with, but recently, I came to learn that catching bass during winter doesn’t have to happen by sheer luck or occasional accident. If you don’t like putting away the fishing gear during winter, this article is meant for you. In this article, I will show you how to catch bass under the ice.

How to catch bass under the ice

Certainly, the method employed in catching bass in summer differs with the methods used during winter. The major differences are how one presents the bait and the size of the bait. As you would expect, bass will not be aggressive under the ice during winter because of the low temperatures, less metabolism rate, and less energy. Let me now highlight some two quick tips before I discuss further details.

A fish finder is one of the best tools in catching bass. You will discover that this is a very good tool to help you target bass during the drilling of holes through the ice. Another way is by positioning yourself along weed lines and rock humps because largemouth often tends to like soft bottoms where week lines are and smallmouth like hanging around the steeper drop-offs.

The fishing gear needed

Since the bait is unlikely going to highly attract bass, the best practice is to dig as many holes as possible to increase e the odds of catching a bass. Also, you need protection from low temperatures, wind, and precipitation. I, therefore, recommend that you carry the Clam 1 Man Hut and a heater along with you. You would not like to stay for so long in the cold weather, a pick up a gas-powered Auger will help you dig holes in the ice pretty fast and save you energy. Finally, for the rod and reel, you can get yourself a good spinning reel setup.

The best bait for bass in ice

As alluded, the low metabolic rates during winter make the bass to go for smaller baits. Generally speaking, live bait is the best option but if they aren’t allowed where you stay, you can use small plastics since they work quite well. There are many companies that make ice fishing plastics, for instance, Maki Plastics and Rapala among others, finding your bait wouldn’t be a difficult thing. The Berkley Gulp minnow is another very good artificial bait which I can recommend to you.


Catching bass under the ice is more common than I had thought. In case you haven’t thought about it, this is something you can consider but if you have done it before, I am sure this article has given you more insights about it. We wish you well in your fishing expedition.

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