Why Suntegrity is one the Best Natural Moisturizing Face Sunscreens?

Applying makeup and other skin care products is something that every woman shares and understands. Beauty and outward appearance are important, especially for a working individual. You have to look your best to show your professionalism and dedication to the job. If you have been searching for a natural beauty product, you probably have stumbled on the name Suntegrity.

If not, now is your chance to get to know this wonderful natural skin care item. Suntegrity is one of the leading beauty products in the market today. Do you want to know why?

Find out additional details about this item here on this post.

A Multi-Function Sunscreen

As a woman, you already know the struggle of applying beauty care products. You have to use a moisturizer to keep your skin hydrated, apply a foundation for makeup and sunscreen to protect your face from the UV rays.

Using all these three products feels heavy and uncomfortable to the skin. Moreover, it makes your skin look unnatural since it leaves a white film on the face.

One of the advantages of using Suntegrity is that this product is a multifunctional item. It is a moisturizer, foundation, and sunscreen rolled into one bottle. There’s no need for you to buy three separate beauty products when there is one like Suntegrity.

Stay Hydrated, Nourished, and Beautiful

The Suntegrity has all the benefits of a sunscreen, moisturizer, and a foundation. It assures that your skin will remain moisturized or hydrated despite under the heat of the sun. It also keeps your face well-nourished and protected from the harmful effects of UV rays. And, Suntegrity helps you to stay fresh and gorgeous all day long.

Hence, this beauty product is perfect for all on-the-go and working women out there.

A Natural Beauty Product

From the name alone you’ll know that Suntegrity is 100% safe to use and perfect for all types of skin. This product contains premium and natural ingredients. It has zero toxins and harmful chemicals that might cause health issues in the future.

Regardless of your skin type, you can trust Suntegrity to bring out the best in you.

Protect Your Skin from Sun Damage

If you are frequently staying outdoors, it is important to keep your skin protected from sun damage and possibilities of skin cancer.
The Suntegrity 5 in 1 natural moisturizing sunscreen formula guarantees that your face and skin is not in the risk of sun damage. It has a strong SPF content that can protect your skin from UV rays all day long.

A Good Choice for Vegans

Indeed, strict vegans have limited choices when it comes to cosmetics since most of these items use animal by-products. The good news is Suntegrity is proudly vegan and has zero percent animal products on their formula. So, if you are vegan searching for a natural beauty product, consider choosing the Suntegrity natural moisturizing face sunscreen.

Final Thoughts

Suntegrity is undeniably one of the leaders in the skin care and cosmetic industry this year. But if you want to find out more details about this product, you can go to the
All Natural Face Moisturizer website.

Catching Bass Under Ice


Fishing is a normal activity in many places, however not everything about fishing is known in every place. I don’t know how much you know about fishing, but I know where everything you want to know about fishing is found. Catching walleye, trout, pike, and sturgeon under the ice is what most people identify with, but recently, I came to learn that catching bass during winter doesn’t have to happen by sheer luck or occasional accident. If you don’t like putting away the fishing gear during winter, this article is meant for you. In this article, I will show you how to catch bass under the ice.

How to catch bass under the ice

Certainly, the method employed in catching bass in summer differs with the methods used during winter. The major differences are how one presents the bait and the size of the bait. As you would expect, bass will not be aggressive under the ice during winter because of the low temperatures, less metabolism rate, and less energy. Let me now highlight some two quick tips before I discuss further details.

A fish finder is one of the best tools in catching bass. You will discover that this is a very good tool to help you target bass during the drilling of holes through the ice. Another way is by positioning yourself along weed lines and rock humps because largemouth often tends to like soft bottoms where week lines are and smallmouth like hanging around the steeper drop-offs.

The fishing gear needed

Since the bait is unlikely going to highly attract bass, the best practice is to dig as many holes as possible to increase e the odds of catching a bass. Also, you need protection from low temperatures, wind, and precipitation. I, therefore, recommend that you carry the Clam 1 Man Hut and a heater along with you. You would not like to stay for so long in the cold weather, a pick up a gas-powered Auger will help you dig holes in the ice pretty fast and save you energy. Finally, for the rod and reel, you can get yourself a good spinning reel setup.

The best bait for bass in ice

As alluded, the low metabolic rates during winter make the bass to go for smaller baits. Generally speaking, live bait is the best option but if they aren’t allowed where you stay, you can use small plastics since they work quite well. There are many companies that make ice fishing plastics, for instance, Maki Plastics and Rapala among others, finding your bait wouldn’t be a difficult thing. The Berkley Gulp minnow is another very good artificial bait which I can recommend to you.


Catching bass under the ice is more common than I had thought. In case you haven’t thought about it, this is something you can consider but if you have done it before, I am sure this article has given you more insights about it. We wish you well in your fishing expedition.

Sound Protection For Kids


Ear protection is a critical safety precaution for all but kids are often forgotten in such aspects. Children are also exposed to sports events and concerts which can be very noisy and therefore needs protection. Some kids accompany their parents to their workplaces where loud noises from sanders and saws among out hers are common, do you think they are safe? Let me first mention that children have sensitive and accurate ears and you would not like to tamper with the hearing capacity of your child.

It’s worth noting that hearing loss problems like wax buildup accumulate over time making early prevention vital. In addition to their safety, the protection also teaches them the importance of ear protection and prevents them from inserting foreign objects to the ear.

There is a lot more to learn about ear protection for kids including the varieties of brands for their protection, but in this article, I will just highlight, but for a comprehensive study, read more at Doctear.com.

Select the best ear protector for your kid

The stores offer a lot of brands and types of ear protectors for children. Are you wondering if you will be able to select the best? I don’t know whether you’re planning to buy earplugs or earmuffs? Is there ear protect in the right size to fit your kid? You don’t have to worry at all, we at Doctear.com exist to help you. We know that you desire comfort for your kid and value for your dollars and therefore, we have listed some of the best ear protectors for kids to make it easier for you to select.

The best hearing protection for kids

1.Snug Kids Earmuffs. They’re the best for kids who are regularly exposed to airports, concerts. Household tools, and large crowds. They’re comfortable and doesn’t need insertion into the ear canal. Being lightweight and adjustable, kids can use them as they grow.

2. Peltor Sport Earmuffs. They can be used for general purpose and are adjustable such that they can be used by both kids and adults. They protect from dangerous noises yet can allow the kid to hear mild sounds.

3. Pro Ears ReVO Kids. They are designed for kids, youths and female adults. They feature comfortable ear seals and foam padded and can protect in a wide range of environments

4. Flents Quiet Please Ear Plugs. If you love earplugs for your kid, then this is your best option. They take the cylinder-style hence easier to insert to ear canals without pressing too much. They dampen loud noises and reduce decibel levels of the noises experienced every day.

5. Em’s 4 Kids Hearing Protection Earmuffs. They are lightweight, sturdy, durable, designed for toddlers and kids, and can be folded very compactly to be held on the palm of a hand. They’re also adjustable to fit different head sizes.


Kid protection is not only possible but also very critical. You can find your best option from the above-listed types, but to appreciate their comprehensive specifications and capacities, read more at Doctear.com.

Low Profile Floor Jack with Safety Bar

Motor vehicles have become passion of younger generation. With the advent of new and improved technology, everyone is willing to buy a car or truck. Increased in fuel prices and passion of going faster have led to new vehicles which are more efficient and effective.

Modern technology has led to low profile cars and trucks that have very less ground clearance to avoid air resistance and make drive more smooth and swift. This technology has made the old jacks obsolete. Hence when you get a flat tire while driving on a highway, your old school jacks will not work to lift up the car since they have high axels that cannot penetrate beneath the vehicle. This problem led to the invention of new and improved low profile jacks that can easily slide beneath your vehicle and lift it up from the points that are recommended by car manufacturers. Let us discuss one of these low profile jacks

Features of Power built 620479E:

This high end jack is used mainly by professionals and car technicians in their shops because it’s beefy steel construction and very low weight yet steady built. It has just sixty seven pounds of weight that can be dragged easily using factory made connected tires that comes with it.

  • These tires make it more than portable. It provides load carrying capacity of up to 3 tons without breaking any sweat. It has ground clearance of almost 3 inches only and can slide under low profile cars very easily.
  • It can lift cars and other vehicles up to 15 inches from ground level to help you with very effective and fast replacement of tire.
  • It has steal construction that is the best material that is being used in all high end weight lifters abuse of its toughness and reliability.
  • It comes with very less weight yet very steady body to lift up even very large weight vehicles that are so delicate to avoid the old jacks.
  • Overbuilt Extra provides you with the peace of mind while you are out there on a long trip on a highway. You need not to worry about that flat tire any more. This jack offers almost 2 tons of load carrying capacity that is enough to lift your vehicle.


This jack comes with all qualities and features of a modern low profile jack, yet it is very cheap so that anyone can buy it and use it without any compliant. These days the competition among auto parts manufacturers has yield to low prices and to compete in the market the best way is to give customers with the best value for their buck and this is what this jack does. It provides all the modern features yet at minimum possible price so that it becomes very difficult for you to resist such product.

Whenever you are looking for premium built at price that is affordable for any auto lover, that jack can be your best bet. Hence you cannot go wrong with your decision of buying this jack.

How to Spot a Reliable Custom Motorcycle Buy and Sell Website

Are you looking for a reliable custom motorcycle buy and sell website?

There are so many options on the internet today where you can either buy or sell custom motorcycle; however, how sure are you that the website is reliable enough to effectively advertise your motorcycle, as well as, how safe it is to purchase a customized motorcycle at their website?

To help you either sell or purchase a custom motorcycle, here are some tips on how to spot a reliable custom motorcycle buy and sell website:

Tip #1: Pay attention to its URL

While everyone is cautious about providing personal details at an undependable website, not all web surfers pay too much attention to the website’s URL which found at the address bar of the browser. Should you easily trust a website that you just came across at some social media site?

To make sure that you are dealing with a reliable buy and sell website, you have to make it as a habit of frequently checking the favicon or the tab icon of the browser and the address bar; if both the icon tab and the address bar shows distinctive similarities, you are accessing a safe website. Also, if you find a green little padlock at the address bar, you are securely having business with a reliable website.

Tip #2: Read reliable reviews

Reading customer reviews and posts from a reliable and honest source can help you spot a reliable custom motorcycle buy and sell website. It should tell how fast and reliable every transaction does the website has. It also should tell how the online company was able to deal with customer complaints. Moreover, these customer reviews should also tell how safe it is to sell or purchase a custom motorcycle.

So, do not bypass reading reviews and checking its current consumer ratings – these are a big help.

Tip #3: Check for the online business’ transparency

How does selling custom motorcycle work? Are there requirements in selling a custom motorcycle? Is it hard to purchase a custom motorcycle?

A website that is transparent with their business processes is a website that you can trust.

Tip #4: Check if the online site provides a detailed description of the custom motorcycle they are selling or advertising

If you find a custom motorcycle buy and sell website that provides a detailed description of the motorcycle, it is guaranteed that you are scrolling through a reliable and honest website, just like The Custom Motorcycle’s website; for more information, visit the website now.

Tip #5: Check if there are several custom motorcycle being advertised

You’ll know if an online buy and sell custom motorcycle site are reliable if it is packed with several custom motorcycle ads; this only implies that the website is trustworthy enough to have multiple customers.

So, are you ready to sell your own customized motorcycle? Or get a newer version of racer café? If you are, you should gather all the requirements for selling or buying a custom motorcycle.

How to Maintain a Good Eye Health

I think that it is clear for everyone that maintaining a good eye health is just as important as maintaining a good overall health. If you are worried about the fact that you are not doing everything right, we are more than happy to share a few tips and tricks which will prove to be very efficient. Just check out the list below, put these tips and tricks into application and we can guarantee the fact that you will be pleased with the outcome. Here are some of the things that you should do for a good health of all the parts of the eye.

1. Go to regular checkups at an eye care health professional. If you regularly do this, the chances to discover a condition or a disease in its very early stages are very high.

2. If your workplace is one at which you can get sand, spray, cut or grind in the eyes, then it is absolutely vital to wear eye protection.

3. Never go outdoors in the hot sun without wearing sunglasses. I know that there are a lot of people who strongly believe that the eyeglasses are nothing but a fashion item but the truth is that they can efficiently keep the UV-A and UV-B rays away.

4. Follow a healthy diet. If you stick to a healthy diet and a good exercise routine, your overall health will be protected and so will be the health of your eyes. East as many fruits and vegetables as possible and products rich in omega 3; also, include nuts in your diet, as they are more healthy than you can imagine.

5. If you regularly use chemicals or power tools at home, we highly recommend you to wear protection. It is important to prevent these from getting in your eyes, so make sure of the fact that you use the right eye protection.

6. If you work long hours in front of the computer, take regular breaks. We recommend you to look elsewhere every 20 minutes and to take at least a ten minutes break every two hours. This is going to help you more than you can now imagine.

7. Also, if you spend a lot of time in front of the computer or reading, then you need to make sure that you have proper lighting in the room. Bright lights will cause severe eyestrain and so will low lights.

8. If you love to play sports such as squash or fencing, you are recommended to wear eye protection. You should also wear protection when you ride the bike as this will keep projectiles away from your eyes.

I know that the list is long but these are easy things that you can do on a daily basis in order to maintain a very good health of your eyes. Try them, change your lifestyle and your daily routine and you will notice an improvement in your overall health, not just the health of the eyes.

The Guide to Suunto Zoop Novo Diving Device

The Suunto Zoop Novo is a very popular choice of dive computer for beginners. It is great and suitable for many recreational divers as well as having great features. The device element allows the user to grow or a good tool to introduce the user with a Suunto line.  Its rugged design may put into use for years. It is an interesting device which outranks its competitors with the same price.

The brand Suunto is most recognizable and a global leader for innovative dive computers and till now it continues its tradition. With Suunto Zoop Novo you will be able to familiar in the line as well as making your future upgrade easy and intuitive.

Here are the device features:

Compare to the other original Zoop model, the Zoop Novo has perfectly had 140 hours of logbook memory and has the ability to add logbook bookmarks. The memory allows you to enjoy the activities and maximizing your dive plans. The device has essential features as well as easy to operate, having relevant data which can be easily accessible and customize alarm.

It was designed and built to last for years. The big display watch makes it too big, but the rugged

design and well space button are ideal for new divers.

It has personalized settings where you can adjust the altitude settings, and for overall fitness that will make your diving safe as you may want it to be.


It has a button interface which will save you time over a single button dive computers. Although it has a big display, we do like the alarms and customizable options, also the display shows all the necessary information. It has a bookmarking feature allowing you to save current time, the depth and temperature in your dive log. The feature is quite helpful for those who may want to perform more analysis of their diving performance.


Some has complained about the device because it has no fly icon display, especially in standby mode. It would be nice if there is an icon reminder even if the device is not activated yet.

Who it is designed for?

Well, the product is perfectly made for new divers who want their diving experience more comfortable while they have the glimpse of data at their wrist even though not knowing the complicated interface. Also, a novice should not spend lots of money or effort learning the user manual which they don’t require.

But a simple reminder, the device is not for those that are more advanced and technical divers who want a gas switching capacity or air integration. We can recommend other more advanced Suunto devices which are suitable for most advanced or intermediate divers. This device is simply designed to keep your diving easy, safe and simple for beginners to maximize their experience while less focus on their gear.

So, do you have the experience to share with us using the device? Contact or email us. We are happy to hear your stories and happy to add them in our lists.

Essential in Backpacking Guide for Beginners

Are you excited already in your outdoor hiking or camping? If you are not prepared enough, then you should know what are the essentials in your backpacking guide. If you are a beginner in this kind of outdoor recreation, then you will need this knowledge in order for you to be prepared for what might happen in your journey.

In many ways, too much excitement could bring us to prepare all the things that you will need in your outdoor activity. But did you know that if you will carry too many things, you will ended up in not using all of them? Yes, there is a possibility. That is why we will discuss here the things that are essentials or most important enough to include in your backpacking guide for your journey.

First, carry only the things that you will need most. There are many things that you need to bring in your camping or hiking, but only prioritized those things that are really important and could be useful for your journey. The important things that you will need most are the camping gears, food, water, and the emergency kit.

Gears are really important because it will give you protection from your camping or hiking activity. So what are the usual gears for outdoor activities such as camping or hiking? These include backpacks, sleeping pads, blankets, hiking boots, instant tents for camping, sweaters, jackets, trowels for your poop, and many more. Yes, there are special gears that are specially designed for your camping, hiking or other outdoor activity. It is advisable that you will first invest in these things if you have a passion for outdoor activities. These gears could help you and protect you from the outside and mostly, these are your partners in times of need when you are in the wilderness. To find out the different lists of gears suited perfectly for your outdoor activity, you may find great reviews and gears guide at Gear Signal. On their website, you can find different kinds of gear reviews for different outdoor recreation needs and essential backpacking guides for beginners and even for the experts and professionals too.

Food and water are also one of the essential things to include in your backpacks. Why? That is because in outdoor activities such as camping or hiking, you will spend more energy on it, thus, having food and water with you will restore your strength and energy. As a tip, bring with you the food that is easy to cook and prepare while you are outside.

Lastly, bring with you the emergency kit such as medicines for wounds and other first aid kits, tools such as knife and pliers, fire starting kit, flashlights, and extra batteries, water filtration, trail map, cameras, radio, and even rescue signals such as mirror and whistles. Expect the unexpected when you are outside, thus bring with you the possible things that you think you will really need. Mostly, be aware of and be advanced in your preparation. It is much better to be prepared when you are doing outdoor activities.

Awesome Benefits of Gluten-Free and Vegan Pizza

When talking about pizza, people would always picture greasy food with lots of processed meat, saturated fat, and cholesterol. But despite the poor nutrition content of pizzas, it is still one of the people’s favorite foods, especially for the Americans.

 Now, do you know that pizzas can also be healthy?

Have you heard about the gluten-free and vegan pizza?

In this modern age, people are becoming more conscious of their health. That is why there are countless diet techniques and lifestyle that you’ll hear particularly on the internet. And one of these trending lifestyles is the vegan and gluten-free diet.

What is a Gluten-Free Diet?

A gluten-free diet excludes eating food that contains glutenin which is a type of protein found in wheat, rye, and barley. People who have sensitivity or allergy towards glutenin experiences digestive problems. Likewise, it can trigger celiac disease which is a type of inflammatory of the small intestine.

In a nutshell, gluten-free and vegan pizza is a healthier version of the standard pizza you know. It has zero-gluten on the dough as well as low fat and processed ingredients.

What are the Benefits of Gluten-Free and Vegan Pizza?

Aside from managing and controlling diseases associated with gluten sensitivity, eating this type of pizza has several surprising benefits. Thus, if you want to know why nutritionists and medical experts recommend switching to this diet, below are everything you need to know about gluten-free and vegan pizza.

#1 Weight Loss

Do you find it hard to lose weight?

Eating gluten-free and vegan food can help you reduce that excess weight easily. Although it is difficult to start such a diet if you have been used to eating carbs and fatty foods, you’ll immediately get used to it. There are several delicious recipes of gluten-free food you can find on the web. And, one of the best sources you can rely on is the True Great Vegan.

#2 Reduces the Risk of Heart Problems

Eating greasy and fatty foods clogs the arteries which can lead to heart attack and cardiovascular disorders. Also, it increases your risk of hypertension, obesity, and other health problems associated with eating too much oily and high-cholesterol food.

Switching to vegan and gluten-free food is a healthier and nutritious option that is good for the heart. It reduces your risk to heart conditions and other life-threatening diseases.

#3 Budget-Friendly

Some people think that going vegan and gluten-free is an expensive diet; but no, it isn’t.

A vegan diet is actually budget-friendly. It won’t drain your pockets if you know how to do it. If you are planning to try this lifestyle, look for tips here at the True Great Vegan. This source can help you how to be a true vegan without cutting off your budget.

Additional Advice

Going on a vegan or gluten-free diet does not mean you can no longer eat delicious food. In fact, you can make a wide variety of tasty and mouth-watering recipes without using processed meat, fats, and high-cholesterol ingredients. All you need is a guide to help you do it.

For additional info about gluten-free and vegan food, go to the True Great Vegan.

Useful Tips in Searching for the Best Double Induction Cooktop

Induction cooktops are a breakthrough in the kitchen appliance industry. This smart equipment has transfigured the means of food preparation through using advanced technology of electromagnetism. It is indeed a great solution to saving energy as well as offers countless cooking opportunities.

More and more individuals switch to induction cooking. Most buyers are after the impressive benefits of this cooking equipment. Induction cooktops are energy-efficient, long-lasting, easy to control, and versatile equipment. Likewise, it is safer and perfect for a kitchen with limited space.

There are a lot of reasons why you should consider induction cooking. And, if you want to experience the benefits of this equipment, then these are for you. All you have to do is look for the best double induction cooktop worth your money.

Now, searching for an induction cooktop could be overwhelming for a beginner. There are numerous options to consider including the brand, dimension of the product, features, heating power, and availability of safety systems. Moreover, you also have to take in mind the price of the product.

With all of these in mind, how can you find the perfect induction cooktop for your cooking needs?

Here are some tips and advice you can use in navigating a quality and high-performing induction cooktop in the market.

Tip #1: Set your Budget

The first thing you have to do is determine your budget. Doing so will help to narrow your options and guide you to the right choices.

The cost of induction cooktops depends on the brand and the features of the product. The price range of this cooking equipment starts from $ 147 to $285. The most affordable induction cooktop in the market is Cuisinart ICT-60 which costs around $147. Meanwhile, the True Induction, another best-seller induction cooktop, has a price of $281.

Tip #2: List the Features you Need

Take note that induction cooktops differ in features such as power rating of burners, temperature range, control settings, and dimensions. For sure you have a list of features in mind. If you do, write down the aspects you need in an induction cooktop. Use it as your guide in searching for the right product. In this manner, you’ll find the perfect induction cooktop best suitable for your cooking needs.

Tip #3: Read Product Reviews

Reading product reviews is a great lifesaver. Products reviews contain important details about an item including technical details and features of the product. Likewise, reading reviews would help you to determine which induction cooktop is worth spending money.

One of the most reliable online sources that provide honest product reviews is the Induction Pros. This website regularly posts reviews to keep customers updated about the latest best-seller items in the market.

Also, if you need assistance in searching for the best induction cooktop, you can trust the Induction Pros to guide you.

The Bottom line

Although searching for an induction cooktop is confusing and daunting, you can find reliable help as well. But remember to choose the right induction cooktop for your needs to avoid wasting money and have regrets later on.

Experience the benefits of induction cooking!

Take your first step towards modern cooking technology through the Induction Pros.

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